Our pricing

Feeding assessment, support & division of tongue tie

In our clinic: £175
In your home: £225

In clinic: 1 hour
In home:
1.5 hours

Feeding assessment and support

In our clinic: £50
In your home: £75

In clinic: 1 hour 
In home: 1.5 hours

Follow up

Phone/Text/Email: Free
In a group: Free
In our clinic: £25
In your home: £50

Check up and/or re-assessment
30 minutes

The prices we charge are in line with other lactation consultants and tongue tie specialists with similar expertise and knowledge.
Charges include mileage and follow up telephone and email. You can also access face to face support at our free drop in group in Birtley. Please note that we will travel up to 30 miles from Washington. Parents living further afield can access support in our clinic.

Parenting Support

Antenatal workshops

In a group: £50
One to one: £75


Holistic sleep coaching

Group sessions: £50
Package 1: £200
Package 2: £300

Introducing solids

£20 per family


Postnatal workshops

Group sessions: £50 for 4 sessions

Free drop-in sessions

For breastfeeding advice and support
Thursday 10.30am – 12pm

Thought Foundation
Clarity House, Durham Road, Birtley DH3 2TB

No need to book.

Second divisions

Occasionally a tongue tie may require further division due to reattachment. This will be carried out in clinic as part of a follow up consultation which will cost £30.


Payments for individual bookings can be made by cash or by credit/debit at the end of the visit.

Mileage for home visits:
Mileage is included in the price for home visits within 10 miles of Washington. For home visits further afield please contact us for pricing.

Free drop-in sessions

This group can be very busy and as a result the assessment and support can be brief and does not replace what a one to one consultation can provide.

In terms of tongue tie assessment we are able to give you enough information to help you decide if further assessment with a view to division is needed.

If you decide to then go to an NHS provider or a private practitioner your baby will still need an assessment of feeding and tongue function.