Parenting Support Milk and Mums

We offer a series of workshops to give information and support to new parents.

We aim to provide parents the facts to provide you with the tools to make decisions that are right for your family every step of the way, from pregnancy to toddlers.

We offer group sessions as well as one to one sessions in your home.

For further details of these workshops please see our Facebook page.

Antenatal workshops

We offer antenatal consultations to prepare for breastfeeding and early parenthood. We aim to give the skills and knowledge to help you establish breastfeeding. Amanda will also include mindfulness strategies as well as the practical aspects of breastfeeding and what to expect.

Holistic sleep coaching

Family centred, gentle approach sleep solutions for babies and toddlers.

Sleep diary analysis and individualisesd sleep plans to help families to make changes slowly to help everyone get more sleep in the longer term.

Introducing solids

Information for parents who are considering a baby led approach to weaning.

This is based around finger foods and makes weaning fun and enjoyable for parents and babies. We also look at traditional spoon feeding alongside a baby led approach.

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