Making mums and babies happy is at the heart of what we do.
Here are a few of their stories.

Rebecca Daunt

Gillian and Amanda are absolutely amazing. Kind, knowledgeable, professional and between them put you and your baby at total ease.

My daughter was 5 months at time of division they reassured her beforehand showed her pretty pictures on an iPad and relaxed her in a rocking chair. The procedure was quick and she only cried for about 5 seconds and was laughing afterwards.

I had been worrying about my daughters tie for months and had been told countless times she was fine yet I knew that it didn’t look right.

Amanda and Gill really listened to me and it restored my faith in the healthcare services if I ever have another child I will be going straight to milk and mums for a proper assessment. Can’t thank you enough.

Emma Hetherington

After my daughter was born and I was experiencing pain breastfeeding we contacted Milk & Mums immediately as they had supported me through a difficult start breastfeeding my son.

They identified a tongue tie and were able to offer me guidance on positioning and attachment until our appointment for division.

The division was done quickly and everything was thoroughly explained to us before the procedure. The aftercare was fantastic, a feed was observed, tongue stretches were explained to both my husband and I and we were able to attend drop ins to check up on how our daughters tongue had healed.

Milk & Mums are so professional as well as caring, they have gone above and beyond to make sure that any questions or concerns regarding breastfeeding have been fully answered. It’s clear how much knowledge and experience Amanda and Gillian have from the level and depth of support and reassurance you get from them.

I am so grateful to both Amanda and Gillian for helping us to overcome the challenges of another breastfeeding journey.

Bethany Radford-Sims & Albus

Amanda and Gillian are amazing!

My baby hadn’t been putting on weight for a couple of months and was dropping down the centiles. He was born on the 99th and by the time I saw Amanda he was on the 9th. The HVs didn’t seem to think there was an issue. Amanda and Gillian knew straight away that he had a tongue tie and we got the procedure done with them.

Since then I have taken Albus along to the milk and mums breastfeeding sessions and they have been so supportive!

He was 14lbs 9oz when he got his tongue tie cut on 15th October and now he weighs 17lbs 1oz.

I can’t thank Amanda and Gillian enough!! Thank you so much x

Kate Massey

I can’t thank Amanda and Gillian enough for the support I’ve had since my son had his TT diagnosed and cut.

Honestly so thankful there are people in this world to offer the knowledge and support to mothers to make their breastfeeding journey more enjoyable and less anxious. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Stephanie Smith

My little boy thrived and gained from the beginning. It took him 5 days to get anything that resembled a latch, I used a syringe and sippy cup with expressed milk, and he’d exceeded his birth weight very quickly. Each time he fed I felt a lot of pain but I was so relieved he was feeding and thought it was normal for it to hurt. As for his considerable wind and resulting unhappiness, well I was told that too was normal.

Luckily for me I was directed to Amanda Dunbar, my baby was 12 weeks old by the time she saw us. I literally wept with relief after our initial meeting, she was so kind and so professional. Having diagnosed my baby with a posterior tongue tie she facilitated an appointment at the clinic with Gillian.

I really feel that they dealt with us very sweetly and efficiently during our clinic visit. The procedure itself did not take long at all and we were encouraged to take our time afterwards. Any questions or concerns were readily answered.

Amanda has offered fantastic support post revision, she came out to see my baby feeding once more and with some additional positioning help and a great deal of verbal encouragement we have not looked back! 
I have no hesitation in recommending both Amanda and the clinic. Feeding is an absolute pleasure now…but the best thing…people always comment how happy my baby is!

Kate Young

What a fantastic service Amanda & Gillian offer. Compared to the NHS experience we had fixing my first child’s tongue tie 4 years ago, their service is second to none.

They provide a professional, relaxing and welcoming atmosphere whilst providing endless information and advice we were never given the first time around.

I can’t thank them enough, it’s worth every penny and I would highly recommend Milk & Mum’s to anyone wanting a personal service to fix their little one’s tongue tie.

Bella George

My 11 day old son was identified as having a tongue tie and although feeding well was taking a very long time for each feed and getting tired, as a result he wasn’t gaining weight as expected.

We contacted milk & mums and had an at-home appointment for the next day. Gillian was lovely, the procedure went well and it is an all-round supportive breastfeeding service, not simply a tongue tie snip. Gillian helped us to nurse again immediately after and provided extra tips and techniques. Would definitely recommend giving her a ring.

Vanessa Stewart

After 9 weeks of fussy and increasingly painful feeding Gillian was able to immediately diagnose that my baby had a tongue tie.

The procedure itself was over in a matter of seconds. I noticed improvement in feeding within a few hours of having the tongue tie snipped. The ladies were lovely and helpful explaining the best aftercare I could do. Would definitely recommend them!

Sarah Smith

I went to the Milk & Mums feeding drop in when my little one was 13 weeks. He was assessed and noted that he had a tongue tie. We were fitted into the clinic 4 days later.

They provide a professional, relaxing and welcoming atmosphere whilst providing endless information and advice we were never given the first time around.

I can’t thank them enough, it’s worth every penny and I would highly recommend Milk & Mum’s to anyone wanting a personal service to fix their little one’s tongue tie.

Elizabeth Senior

The first few weeks of breastfeeding were very difficult for me and my little girl as she kept losing weight and consequently we were sent back to hospital twice.

We saw so many different doctors, midwives, health visitors and breastfeeding support workers and no-one could give us the answer to our problems. I was desperate to continue but was having to constantly express and top up with a bottle, so things weren’t looking hopeful.

This is when I found Amanda Dunbar and we arranged for a home visit. She immediately knew my baby wasn’t latching on very well when previously other professionals had said latch was good and they were questioning my milk.

Amanda showed me how to position my baby correctly and showed me which sucks to look out for. She could also tell by how my baby was feeding that she was tongue tied and when she checked sure enough, she was. She referred me to the tongue tie clinic and gave me nipple shields to use in the meantime. She gave me great advice on how to get my sleepy baby to feed. After the tongue tie was cut I saw a significant difference and weight problems and bottle top ups stopped soon after. 11.5 months on we’re still going strong and I know we couldn’t have done it without Amanda’s support.

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